Community Care TASMANIA is a small scale, proudly Tasmanian not-for-profit service delivering the highest quality home-based care services. The responses from our clients speak for themselves.

Doug, Launceston, January 2018

"Local service is the best thing and I first learned that from owning service stations and a real estate business in Launceston"

It was Doug's daughter who first contacted Community Care TASMANIA almost two years ago now.

"From the beginning Community Care TASMANIA staff were prompt and friendly...and they were local!!"

Doug gets cleaning services as well as support for social outings and is very happy with the quality and professionalism of the services.

"They call me regularly which is great."

"Service and courtesy costs nothing and Community Care TASMANIA gives both."

"I have been surprised to learn that old fashioned service was still alive and well."

Watch some of our our clients talk about their lives and the care services they get from Community Care TASMANIA.

  • Josie from Launceston and Johanna from Longford;
  • Max originally from Burnie now in Launceston;
  • Doug from Launceston

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Latest client comments about our great staff

"You have put so much effort in organising your workers to come in… (for mum) twice a day, plus domestic assistance every fortnight I would very much like to thank you for your incredibly brilliant service… From your rostering team, coordination and the care workers themselves – absolutely brilliant. You have indeed been a godsend to me and my husband."

Suzanne, Hobart

“Community Care TASMANIA's worker was a lovely person and is welcome back any time.”

Mavis, Hobart

"I cannot commend CCT's carers highly enough...the nicest people I have ever met...really great delivery of care."

Maree, Hobart

"Happy to have my carer come at anytime. She is a great help."

Heather and John, Burnie

"I would like to thank mum’s carer. She is a wonderful person very kind, loving and has been a great help to mum and the family."

Helen, St Marys

"My Community Care TASMANIA carer is a human dynamo. She has heaps of go in her and is a wonderful girl and is happy
to have her any time."

Frances, Launceston

"I just love my carer. Thank you for all the great service you provide. You are all wonderful people."

Gail, Launceston

“Thanks so much for your help. You made the navigation of gaining support so much easier. All your staff have been friendly and accommodating and you always return calls. Thanks also for taking the time to build rapport and confidence with my mum and dad. I know that they appreciated your time. The time that you spent with them ensured their confidence in you and your service to provide their support.”

Justine, Longford

Pam & Brian, Newnham, August 2020

"We would like to thank Community Care TASMANIA for all their support during Coronavirus and lockdown.

Due to Brian’s high risk, we had to cancel our in-home help and keep isolated.

Many thanks to Brian’s case manager, Melinda, for her phone support during this time. Brian is so lucky now to have a hospital bed, which has helped so much getting him in and out of bed.

We thank Gori, Holli and Steve for their great service.

Thank you Community Care for the wonderful service you provide!"

David, Launceston, 2020

“As I grew older I had some health problems and was in and out of Launceston General Hospital regularly.

In the middle of 2019 I was in LGH with various problems and had a serious (painful) case of gout in my legs. I was in there for 8 weeks and had to learn to walk again but not very successfully.

The service provider I had to manage my Home Care Package at the time was not very helpful so I changed to Community Care TASMANIA.

Oh how my life has changed for the better!

I was still having trouble walking and was feeling isolated and lonely, but then my new case manager arranged for me to hire an electric mobility scooter out of my package.

Well this was wonderful and life is now “rosy”. Thanks to my case manager Sharon and my day carers (they are all angels – Brooke, Rachel & Narelle) my life, my being is now wonderful!

I used to be stuck in my unit, not able to go anywhere unless I got a taxi and walking with my walker was so exhausting. I love the independence of being able to go out into the community on my scooter on my own. I frequently go up to Coles, I go down to the City Park and feed the ducks and go to the library once a fortnight. I can also catch the wheelchair taxi with my scooter and take myself to appointments independently without support – it’s fantastic!!

Thank you Community Care TASMANIA, thank you for everything!

In my lifetime I have been a soldier, bus driver, primary producer, landscape gardener and handy man. Most of all I am a Happy migrant!”

Max, Launceston, October 2017

Max lived for many years on the West Coast and then in Burnie. He now lives in Launceston to be close to family.

Max has been assessed for a Level 2 Home Care Package. The care he receives is mainly domestic assistance.

"Because I don't spend all my funds I can use them to but other things that make my life better. The Community Care TASMANIA carers have helped me to choose a great seat warming blanket and an iPad."

"I didn't even know what an iPad was... I thought it was some treatment for sore eyes!!"

"But its great for keeping in touch with the grand kids."

"I had domestic assistance with another organisation for several years but I was unhappy with the inconsistency of staff and irregular days and times."

“I didn’t know where I was with them.”

"Since changing over to Community Care TASMANIA I now have the same support worker... Angela who comes at the same time and day each week. She does a fantastic job and is great to talk to. I really look forward to Fridays when I know she is coming."

"The Community Care TASMANIA staff are always friendly and if they finish early they will always sit and have a yarn... that's one of the best bits," says Max with a smile.

Eunice, Launceston, October 2017

Eunice was born in Geelong and came to Tasmania with her husband in 1990. "We came for the clean air and settled at Longford." Later they moved to East Launceston and she moved into her current unit in 2006.

Eunice has lived a rich and full life. In later years she has turned her eye to making exquisitely intricate doll's houses.

She is also a skilled painter and was good enough to have her own exhibition at the casino in the early 2000s.

After trying other providers Eunice and her daughter found Community Care TASMANIA.

"They have been wonderful and most importantly they follow up on everything and it is always the same person who comes"

Eunice gets help with shopping and things like visits to the bank as well as domestic assistance.

"They seem to know what to do to improve my life... I don't have to ask."

"I now have the best of both worlds - a lovely house to live in and good care."

Samantha, Launceston, November, 2017

29 Year old Samantha has been a Community Care NDIS client since 2017.

She leads a very active life after having completed year 12 and working and she uses her support funding to get some help around the home but mainly for social support and social outings.

"I changed care providers and switched because the others were not suitable. After a good start they began arriving late and often leaving early."

"Community Care TASMANIA staff are heaps different. Sometimes thy are even early. And they always let me know if they are late."

"I couldn't be happier with their support."