Questions and Answers

  • Community Care TASMANIA – who are we and what do we do?

    Community Care TASMANIA is a local not-for-profit provider of home care services.

    We have been operating in the Tasmanian community for over 29 years. We started as a provider of services to northern migrant communities but we now provide care across the whole Tasmanian community. Click here to learn more about our story

    Our Board and staff are based in our community. They are professional, friendly and approachable.

    We think we are the best but don't just take our word for it click here for what our clients think

  • If you are looking for home care, why choose Community Care TASMANIA?

    We are local and not-for-profit. We put clients before profit and your care comes first

    This is real care.

    if you have questions or problems,you can speak to a local. Our office is here, not in some other state. We have been operating for over 29 years. We know and understand this community.

    We offer a full range of government services plus self-funded care for self-funded retirees who may need a little bit or a lot of care to keep them safe and comfortable and happy at home. Click here for more details

  • How can you find out if you are eligible for government assistance with home care?

    Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422, or visit My Aged Care website

    Or call Community Care TASMANIA on 1300 722 400. Our friendly staff and willing and able to help you through the aged care maze.

  • I understand I may need to get assessed – what does this mean?

    This is basically a process to find out what level of care you need. The assessments take place in your own home at no cost to you.

    To arrange an assessment you first need to go to My Aged Care

    There are two assessment types, a higher level for aged care packages done by the local ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team), or a lower level assessment which is done by RAS (Regional Assessment Service). Click here for more information

  • If a person is on a package but needs more care - How can they get assessed for a higher level care?

    You will need to go back to My Aged Care for another assessment. They will ask you some, questions and refer you to either ACAT, (Aged Care Assessment Team)for a higher level assessment or RAS, (Regional Assessment Service), for a lower level assessment.

  • I have been assessed and told I require a package – does that automatically give me one?

    The short answer is no its not automatic.There is a three step or a - Triple A Process. The three steps are:

    • Assessed
    • Approved
    • Assigned

    In essence this means that means you firstly get assessed and then approved for a package. Finally a package is formally assigned to you. Once a package is assigned you have 58 days to choose a provider - hopefully Community Care TASMANIA. If you do not meet this deadline your package may be assigned to somebody else and you may go back into the queue. For more information click here.

  • Once I have been assigned a package how do I find an approved provider?

    You can find local providers listed on the My Aged Care website or you can ring providers you already know. Of course we would hope that that your would ring us - Community Care TASMANIA on 1300 722400. Our friendly and expert staff are always available to help you

  • Can I get assistance without Government funding?

    Yes. Community Care TASMANIA provides a Dial an Angel Program that is designed for self funded aged care. Click here for further information

  • If I am unhappy with my current provider, can I move to another provider?

    Yes you can.

    As a home care package client you can change your provider at any time. You can take all your funds with you. Package clients can also purchase services from different providers if they wish.

    If you are CHSP client you can contact myagedcare to be re-assessed.

  • I want to know more; can I find easy to read fact sheets and leaflets on this site?

    Yes you can. Just click here

  • If I need some independent advice or further support or someone to take up issues on my behalf, is there help available?

    Yes there is.

    From July 1 2017 the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) has been engaged to provide free, confidential and independent advocacy support to older people (including their families and representatives) who are receiving, or seeking to receive, Australian Government funded aged care services. Click here for more details.