We are a local, small scale, not-for-profit service specialising in best quality home based care services for all Tasmanians.

Our Vision

Community Care TASMANIA is a recognised and appreciated specialist in home care provision across Tasmania.

Our Purpose

We exist to provide excellent individualised services that allow our clients whatever their backgrounds to:

  • enjoy richness and a quality of life;
  • age with dignity and respect;
  • and live safely in their own homes.

Our Values

  • Choice and control - we will ensure in all our dealings that the client has choice and control over their care and budget.
  • Client rights - we will work within the legislative frame work and its own Policies and Procedures ensuring that clients rights are provided, acknowledged and upheld.
  • Respect - we will ALWAYS respect the clients’ rights and choices.
  • Wellness and re-ablement - we will work with the client, their family or advocate for a goal of wellness and enablement.
  • Quality, personalised services - we will work diligently and progressively to ensure that our care is always of high quality and will seek information from clients so that we may continually strive for excellent service.
  • Participation - we will ensure the Client is empowered to participate by demonstrating choices of care and their implications to budget and other constraints.
  • Empathy - we will always work for our clients in an empathetic manner. Seeking to understand by active listening and by acting in a kind and considerate manner.
  • Flexibility - we will be flexible in its delivery and change as required for the best outcomes for the client.
  • Transparency - we will work in an atmosphere of transparency, showing all workings cost of care and implications of budget and care contracts.
  • Sustainability - our Board of Management and staff will work to ensure organisational sustainability.
  • Continual improvement - we pledge to work consistently on learning how we can improve and to act on that advice.
  • Integrity. - integrity is a personal quality of fairness that we all aspire to. Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It's a personality trait that we admire, since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn't waiver.

For our latest Strategic Plan click on the link below.

Draft Community Care Tasmania Strategic Plan 9

Also for a copy of our current Constitution click on the link below. The constitution is being updated and will be put for approval at the 2017 AGM

Ccnesb Constitution Ratified At 07 Nov 2019