The Dial an Angel Service provides an immediate solution to your care needs. You tell us what they are and we will supply an Angel to help meet them.

Do you need a helping hand?

Maybe a cleaner, a gardener, a nurse, help with the shopping or just someone to do odd jobs around the home?

Maybe you just need a one-off service, short or long-term assistance in helping you or a family member or friend manage at home?

Community Care TASMANIA's Dial an Angel Service is a state wide self-funded home care service available to everybody. It is particularly suited to people who are either:

  • not eligible for;
  • or waiting for

government subsidised home care services but who are looking for immediate long or short-term assistance.

Obtaining this service is easy.

  • There are NO hoops to jump through
  • NO financial information or assessment is required

These services can also added to CHSP support or a CDC home-care package.

Last year alone our “Angels” helped over 200 people and we are ready to help you.

Find our easy to read self funded care fact sheet here.

"Angel” Andrew is a general maintenance and gardening helping hand. He worked for a long time in property maintenance in Queensland before “discovering” Tasmania.

“Nothing’s too busy in Tasmania and this job suits me perfectly.” A typical day might involve pruning hedges, clipping trees and shrubs, window cleaning and mowing.

“I like working with my hands but it’s the interaction with the clients that I really like.”

“The work is always appreciated but it is important to talk,” he says.

To find your angel phone 03 6334 0990 or 1300 722 400 and talk to us about which of the services listed below best meet your needs. We are also open to requests for new types of service. We will do our best to help you and provide you with a detailed quote for whatever services you may require.

Dial An Angel Services

  • Post-Hospital Care

    The first few days after a hospital discharge can be hard. Our Angels can support and assist you or your loved one in this high needs period.

  • Personal Care

    Our Angels can provide a broad range of services to meet your needs. These may include assistance with eating, bathing, going to the toilet, grooming and dressing, getting in and out of bed, and moving about the house.

  • Shopping

    Our Angels can assist you in your shopping requirements, from purchasing food to collecting medical supplies.

  • Respite Care

    Everyone needs a break. Our Angels can provide respite care for you or your loved one.

  • Overnight Care

    Our Angels are available to assist you or your loved one overnight when others are having time out.

  • Palliative Care

    Our Angels include trained nurses and other allied health professionals that can assist in keeping you or your loved one at home.

  • Emergency Care/support of any kind

    Let us know what your emergency is and we will do our best to help out, or we will connect you to someone better placed to assist you.

  • Overnight, weekend and public holiday support

    Our Angels are available to help get you or your loved one through those periods when others are having time out.

  • Domestic Assistance

    Our Angels will help with house cleaning, washing, ironing, and tidying. We can take on the big jobs, like house cleaning when you are moving in or out of a new home, or spring cleaning, and window cleaning.

  • Garden Maintenance

    Lawn mowing, tree and shrub pruning & shaping, hedge trimming, rubbish removal, mowing and maintenance, weeding and mulching, stacking wood, we have a team of Angels that can do it all.

  • Transport

    We can provide transport services to help get you to and from your appointments, or take you around your community for social outings. Transportation can be provided in the Angel's car or we can provide someone to accompany you in a regular taxi.

  • Carer Support and Relief

    We fully appreciate how tiring and demanding being a carer is. If you need a break we can care for your loved one, giving you timeout to rest, or take care of important jobs, or just let you catch up with your own life!

  • Meal Preparation

    Our Angels prepare delicious meals that are healthy and nutritious.