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Support our community projects

Community Care TASMANIA has a number of innovative community and well-being projects either in the implementation or planning stage that you can support.
These include:

  • Purchasing a 12 seater bus for the participants in the community connections and the creative community programs. This would enable us to pick up clients and also undertake a more comprehensive and efficient program of short outings and longer excursions. At present we have to rely on the goodwill of other organisations which despite their generosity and our best efforts, can lead to delays and limitations on what we can do. The total budget for this project is $30,000
  • Getting connected – helping older Tasmanians to unravel the mysteries of the web. We have recently undertaken an introductory program to help clients understand and use an iPad. Following on this success we would like to really take advantage of the NBN and run further group and/one to one sessions. Our vision is that Community Care TASMANIA clients can develop the confidence to help keep in touch with family, access information and services, shop for food and even liaise with carers and our staff. The total budget for this project is $10,000.
  • Expanding our range of targeted community well-being programs. Our present community connections program provides care and support to the local Bhutanese elders. We would like to expand this initiative to incorporate other CALD communities or indeed any other appropriate integrated community networks. where gaps in aged care can be identified. The total budget for this project including client and community surveys is $50,000.
  • Developing a unique one to one workplace training program. New staff and trainees need that extra support that only an experienced hand in the workplace can provide. This way new staff and trainees can have the necessary support to fully understand our care culture and the individual needs of the clients under their care. This means that we will continue to deliver care that puts people first. The total budget for this project is $15,000

Please contact us on 1300 722 400 if you wish to further discuss these projects or any other part of our work you may wish to support with a donation and/or bequest.