Community Care TASMANIA - an award winning service

Posted on: Monday 27 November 2017

For everybody at Community Care TASMANIA 2017 has been a wonderful year of service and achievement. One of the highlights the consistent formal recognition of the excellence of our home care services.

Aged Care Sector Awards November 2017

CEO Wendy receives the Aged Care sector award

Community Care TASMANIA has been recognised as a provider of quality home care services especially in the area of community engagement and communication with clients. This recognition has come from national and local organisations as well as the Aged Care sector itself.

"Community Care TASMANIA recently received a major recognition from the National Aged Care Quality Agency acknowledging our innovation and effectiveness in building a sense of belonging, wellness and integration in the ageing local Bhutanese community," said CEO Wendy Mitchell.

"This award was the only one given to a Tasmanian agency and it one we are very proud of."

"We were also successful in the October Launceston Chamber of Commerce Excellence awards for our community engagement via our 2017 road shows. Our road show travelled the length of the north west coast and also the north east"

"Finally in November our communications and engagement programs were given a high commendation at the Tasmania Aged Care Sector/Senior Newspaper awards."

"What all this means is that for clients is that they can be very confident that as a local, smaller scale service we put their concerns and interests at the centre of our work by ensuring that we are always available to discuss any problems or issues."

"We also make sure that there is time to properly develop and implement individual care plans."

"In other words we make sure we put your care first."