Community Care TASMANIA welcomes volunteers. We provide many unique and rewarding opportunities for you to work with us in providing quality aged and disability care services in our community.

Community Care TASMANIA would not be the same without our brilliant volunteers and we always make sure we acknowledge their great work. Our recent public acknowledgement for national volunteer week 2018 is on the right hand side of this page.

You can also read the story "When Ashton met Brian" - a great friendship formed via the Community Visitors Scheme - see below.

If you live in Launceston or Northern Tasmania and you would like to get involved in the Community Visitors Scheme, please contact Susan Aykut via email to susan.aykut@cct.org.au

Please Note:

If you would like to get involved in the Community Visitors Scheme and you live in Hobart or Southern Tasmania, please contact:

Lifeline Tasmania:

Lib Cooper lib.cooper@lifelinetasmania.org.au

or Red Cross:

Nadia Reynolds nreynolds@redcross.org.au

If you would like to get involved in the Community Visitors Scheme and you live on the North West Coast, please contact:

Lifeline Tasmania:

Deborah Brett deborah.brett@lifelinetasmania.org.au

or Red Cross:

Louise Broomhall lbroomhall@redcross.org.au

Community Visitors Scheme

You can become part of our Community Visitors Scheme. This is a highly valued and rewarding program that for the past twenty years has provided social contact for many socially isolated people living in aged care residences around Northern Tasmania.

Our volunteers are fully trained, valued and supported by professional staff. Once you become part of the CVS team you will be encouraged to undertake at least 20 one-on-one visits per year to a resident in a nearby aged care facility.
This program is enormously positive for the volunteer as well as the aged care residents. Both get an opportunity to make a new friend. Giving the time to have a chat as well as listening and learning from others is perhaps the best gift we can offer and receive.

What do our volunteers say?

Imelda, Scottsdale (interview June 2014)

While Imelda finds volunteering no big effort on her part, she says the residents she has visited for CVS have always treated it as though it was.

I joined CVS 4 years ago, I am always delighted when people are pleased to see me and thrilled that I have come to have a chat with them.

Both of the people I have visited are room-bound. They are very appreciative of my time, and thank me for coming. I think my most valuable contribution for them has been spending time listening to and sharing stories, and being understanding about their mishaps.

Nothing can be better than having a laugh and joke together.

Toni, Launceston (interview June 2014)

I joined the CVS program nearly five years ago when I stopped work. Volunteering keeps me connected to the community and I enjoy the get-togethers with other CVS volunteers. I derive great satisfaction and happiness from the look of excitement on the resident’s face when I arrive.

We often go out visiting different places around town to have a chat over coffee. She vents and talks, and I sit and listen. But it makes me feel good that she has someone to confide in and that she knows that what she says will go no further.

Toni caring for others in our community

Malcolm, Launceston, 2017

I think that caring for others is important...we are more than just the "I" society.

Older people have lots of interesting stories and we can learn a lot from them. The CVS program helps maintain a sense of community and connection for people. Just like a village.

CVS is a great program...well coordinated and supported by Community Care TASMANIA.

Read more about the Community Visitors Scheme and the work of our volunteers via our CVS Brochure and CVS Newsletters.

Creative Connections

Creative Connections is a weekly arts and craft get-together facilitated by local artist Jo Anglesey. All those who come along collaborate in designing the program and deciding what new skills they might want to learn.

Participants can also gain greater confidence and mobility as well as make new friends and be actively involved in something they really enjoy.

We are always looking for people who can assist with general organisation of the sessions, teach a skill, and/or transport participants to the studio venue at Inveresk.

You don’t necessarily have to have a history of arts and crafts work to be part of this creative community. It is as much a social program as an arts program,

Community Connections

Community Connections is a multi-faceted service supporting Launceston’s ageing Bhutanese community. This program is supported by grants from the Tasmanian Association for Hospice and Palliative Care and the Tasmania Community Fund.

At present Community Care TASMANIA organises weekly sessions that enable older Bhutanese community members to get together and socialise. Incorporated into activities are opportunities for them to engage with their wider community. These may include basic social skills such as understanding local services and public transport. We also organise information sessions on such topics as better health and nutrition.

“In 2015 we ran classes for members of this community to learn about digital technologies and would like to organise basic English classes if we can find volunteers interested in doing this.” says volunteer coordinator Susan.
“We also organise monthly excursions around the region that are interactive and a terrific opportunity to promote wellbeing by enjoying something new and having fun.”

More from our volunteers

Breanna Hancock came to Tasmania from Queensland for a holiday and liked it so much she ended up staying. After qualifying as a tourism guide she contacted Community Care TASMANIA to volunteer with the Community Visitors Scheme.

“Then I discovered Community Connections with its emphasis on friendship and fun via excursions and group discussions...so I’ve ended up working on both programs.”

Volunteering gives me a real opportunity to use my skills and to help tackle isolation and loneliness in the community.

​Interested in becoming part of our community of volunteers?

We love volunteering - Volunteer Network 2018

We love volunteering - Volunteer Network 2018

Creative Connections - fun and learning

Creative Connections - fun and learning

Community Connections - making new friends

Community Connections - making new friends

If you would like more information about how you can become one of our amazing volunteers please contact Susan Aykut at Community Care TASMANIA on 03 6334 0990 or email admin@cct.org.au