Care Support Staff

At Community Care TASMANIA we pride ourselves on the the quality, friendliness and professionalism of our care support staff who deliver quality care to our clients every day.. Some of them speak about their work on this page.

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Alicia, Launceston, August, 2016 (Alicia joined CCT December 2015)

Alicia loves working for CCT. She loves that it is local and she says she has never worked for an organisation that is so supportive: ‘It is nice to be appreciated in what you do’. But her real joy comes from clients. When they tell her ‘if it wasn’t for you I would be in a home’, says Alicia, ‘it makes you feel really good that you can do that for someone’. 

Sheila, Launceston, August, 2016 (Shelia has been with CCT for 20+ years)

Working for a local organisation is important to Sheila.  She believes CCT is the best organisation in Tasmania providing aged home care services. While there is always room for improvement, she thinks the CCT team is flexible and responsive: ‘Support workers are the eyes and the ears of the organisation, and coordinators are quick to act on changes we tell them about, or issues we raise and this makes a big difference to client and worker satisfaction.’

Joanna, Mt Nelson, 23 December 2016 (Jo joined CCT July 2016)

‘I have had many jobs throughout my life, but I have never had one where I felt so supported by the people I work with. You are all a fantastic bunch of people, caring, helpful, and professional, the list just goes on and on... No matter what else is going on, you always find ways of performing roster miracles, lovely Molly is always so helpful and cheerful, no matter how many cats she's herding at the time, always finds a minute or two for a chat. And Rachele always sounds so happy! And I don't know how, but the lovely people in Payroll always get it right, thanks guys!


Angela, Hobart, September, 2016 (Angela joined CCT June 2015)

Angela moved to Hobart at the beginning of 2015. ‘Even though it is hard at times being so far from the office [in Launceston]’, says Angela, ‘I enjoy the friendliness of the organisation. Molly [in admin] is really helpful, and the office organisation is getting much better. I can see we will expand’. Angela says she does not find being a support worker hard work, but there is a lot of responsibility.

Deborah, Margate, September, 2016 (Deborah joined CCT July 2015)

Deborah worked with two different agencies when she came to Tasmania, "But I moved to the Community Care TASMANIA last July because Ben Greaves was Case Manager. I think it is important to have someone you know you can relate to and share a joke with, but also know they can be serious when needed." 

Allison, Devonport, 17 November, 2016 (Allison joined CCT May 2016)

Allison is based in Devonport.  She joined CCT in May 2016 and hasn’t looked back since! She loves the job and her clients, and that she can work around her children’s needs and school hours. She also loves that she has a job that allows her to stay local, but has variety and lets her be at a different place every day.

Deb, Wynyard, 17 November, 2016 (Deb joined CCT May 2016)

Deb is based in Wynyard. Since joining CCT in May 2016, she averages shifts of 17-20 hours a week and commutes up and down the north west coast to Somerset, Burnie, Penguin and Ulverstone. ‘I love it’, she says of her new life and job. ‘I love my clients who can be both funny and demanding, but overall awesome; I just love the interaction’.

Ella, Creative Connections Support Worker (centre with artists Josie Milazzo on the left and Johanne Salter on the right.)

I started as a care support worker with Community Care 22 years ago. I came onto the Creative Connections program in 2009. The participants (artists) love to come and the atmosphere is great. We pick them up and they love to talk...the whole class is great fun and great for them.

Support Workers Picture Gallery

Our Southern support workers.Standing L-R:  Case Manager Ben, Joanne, Lyndon, Roster Coordinator Deb, Rosie, Jackie, Tammy, Vicky Seated L-R: Deborah , Angela N, Angela S

Our Southern support workers.Standing L-R: Case Manager Ben, Joanne, Lyndon, Roster Coordinator Deb, Rosie, Jackie, Tammy, Vicky Seated L-R: Deborah , Angela N, Angela S