At Community Care TASMANIA we provide many opportunities for volunteers. They do an incredible job some of them speak below. If you would like to volunteer with Community Care TASMANIA click here


Toni - Volunteer Community Visitors Scheme

“I joined the CVS program nearly five years ago when I stopped work. Volunteering keeps me connected to the community and I enjoy the get-togethers with other CVS volunteers. I derive great satisfaction and happiness from the look of excitement on the resident’s face when I arrive.”

Toni - Community Visitors Scheme volunteer

Toby Ria - Volunteer, Community Visitors Scheme

I want to learn more about people and make a good future for us all.

Through my family and my grandparents I have learnt that it is important to care for and look after older people.

I wanted to become a doctor but started volunteering in aged care then found Community Care TASMANIA on facebook and here I am

​Toby Ria - Volunteer, Community Visitors Scheme

Malcolm Cowan - Volunteer Community Visitors Scheme

I think that caring for others is important...we are more than just the "I" society.

Older people have lots of interesting stories and we can learn a lot from them. The CVS program helps maintain a sense of community and connection for people. Just like a village.

CVS is a great program...well coordinated and supported by Community Care TASMANIA.

"I called in to see [my resident] today and had a chat. He was a bit sorry for himself – he’d had a bad week. One of his old mate’s widow came in as well and we had a lively half hour. When I left he said “thanks for coming in– you’ve really cheered me up!" 8 March 2017

Malcolm Cowan - Volunteer, Community Visitors Scheme

Sandra Hodge - Community Visitors Scheme

I had my second visit with [my resident] yesterday. I had a wonderful day at the Olympics and [my resident] was a true Olympian. I have lost my voice with all that shouting. I will be visiting [my resident] every Wednesday fortnight. This is going to be a wonderful adventure, leading me to order books from the Library about Poland and World War II. He showed me his medals and he told me why he received them. I would like to know when his birthday is and what would be suitable Christmas and birthday presents? I am happy to bring some flowers from my garden and deliver them

Sandra Hodge CVS Volunteer

Scottsdale CVS volunteers